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Innovations in Life Sciences – Placing People First Full Video Podcast

In this podcast "Placing People First," Roger Shaw (Co-Founder of Digital Lab Consulting (DLC and Steve Twinley, (Managing Director at Next Phase Recruitment) discussed how digital technology can help drive efficiency when fully embraced across an organisation, allowing projects to advance to their full potential. When is it a good time for your organisation to consider a digital transformation project and when should it become a priority? Is moving away from a paper-based lab sustainable? They also talked about how businesses need to identify key stakeholders to understand the challenges, ensuring a smooth transition from implementation through to management. We delved into case studies where processes have been upgraded efficiently, as well as outlined the potential pitfalls and details that business leaders, lab teams and Quality groups should consider when embarking on a digital transformation project.

Innovations in Life Sciences – Placing People First Podcast Case Study

In this case study from the podcast, Roger explains how some organisations can find the initial process of moving to a digital platform overwhelming, but once you break the process down into chunks, it can be achievable. Listen here to how Roger explains how a recent case study that underwent a similar process of transition from a paper base to a digital framework, providing them with the competitive advantage of running their company more efficiently and with good quality.

Innovations in Life Sciences – Placing People First Podcast Trailer

In this podcast trailer, we discussed the benefits of ‘thinking outside the box and what that can bring to an organisation. Take a look at the whole organisation, their processes, data materials and how you can improve ways of working for your business.

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