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Improving the Digital Landscape at Quell Therapeutics

Digital Lab Consulting (DLC) have supported the digital transformation journey for a growing UK-Based cell therapy company, Quell Therapeutics (“Quell”).

Quell is using engineered TReg cell therapies to treat autoimmune and inflammatory diseases and is rapidly expanding its research and development function following multiple partnerships with academia and growth of its in-house pipeline.

Quell has several products at early phase clinical trials for which manufacturing is outsourced, but has the long term aim of being able to support clinical supplies manufactured in-house in the future.

What Process was Followed?

Starting with our Digital Blueprint assessment using a series of stakeholder interviews, DLC were able to identify and prioritise key areas to address to improve data integrity and compliance, improve data management and traceability and facilitate data sharing and collaboration.

What were the Key Findings?

We found that:

  • Current systems didn’t cover the full end to end process with a lack of traceability from experiment execution to data analysis and reporting results
  • Data was difficult to find as it was inconsistently stored in data silos.There was no easy way to perform data analytics and trending as data was unstructured, hidden and not readily reportable
  • A lack of overarching data governance resulted in inconsistent ways of working, with many manual and time consuming processes and therefore inconsistent data capture. Scientists were spending a large amount of their time on finding and reporting data
  • The lack of control and security meant there was a data integrity risk on experimental raw data

A comprehensive and conclusive report was created documenting the findings and providing clear, actionable recommendations on where to improve their digital landscape. This included a digital roadmap of capabilities required to meet their urgent needs. Additionally, a system architecture was supplied which allowed Quell to see how each capability fits into the wider informatics ecosystem and where integration points may be required.

What Were the Immediate Priorities?

With a clear vision of their digital landscape and the priority to identify a solution to meet their immediate needs, we supported Quell through a technology selection process. Using our proprietary database of informatics vendors and solutions we identified an initial list of solutions that were likely to be the best fit for their requirements and co-ordinated screening demonstrations. Following these demos, a small number of vendors were shortlisted to proceed to Request for Proposal and in-depth, use-case driven, demonstrations from which a preferred solution was identified.

Quell are at the start of the digital transformation and DLC are proud to have supported their journey from an early stage and are happy to continue to support the implementation of their new solution.

What did Quell Say about DLC?

“It has been a pleasure to work with the team from DLC to unleash the power of the data that we’ve been generating. The team have embedded themselves within our organisation to drive the project forwards and provide highly informed guidance. We’re already seeing the benefits of working with DLC and know that the building blocks they’ve created for us will ensure we obtain maximum value from our data now and in the future.”
Chris Sharpe, Head of Regulatory, Quell Therapeutics

How Can I Find Out More?

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Ian Davies, Business Consultant

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