Business Consulting

Make the right decisions for your Enterprise Software. Informatics Business Consulting Services for before, during and after your deployment.

  • Business Workflow Analysis – We work with you prior to deploying your software, to map out your current business workflows. We look at them both individually and across your business to help identify areas for improvement or harmonisation.
  • User Requirements Analysis – We can help you to capture and document user requirements across your business to support a new software deployment or the expansion of an existing system into new business areas.
  • Time and Motion Studies – Using Multi Moment Analysis (MMA) we can work with you to build an accurate picture of the activities and time spent by the business. The results can be used to identify which processes need to be optimised, and what results can be expected.
  • Cost Benefit Analysis – Review the time spent across the business executing specific workflows and calculate the cost to the business. Map this to the potential improvements in your software to understand the total cost benefit, and help prioritise those workflows that will add most value to your business.
  • Deployment Strategy – We will work with you to build a software deployment strategy to minimise the risk to your business, maximise user adoption and increase user engagement. Look at areas such as project phasing, best practise management, training, support, migration, integration and validation.
  • Deployment Healthcheck – We will review your current deployment and identify potential areas for improvement based on feedback from users and support teams. We will look at your operational and governance structure and identify ways of increasing user adoption, reducing complexity and total cost of ownership.


Reduce Business Risk
Ensure your chosen software meets the business needs and there is a clear plan for success, focused on delivering real business value.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
Ensure you define and adopt best practises from the start to ensure ongoing support costs are effectively managed.

Maximise Return on Investment
Ensure you have high user adoption and engagement with the software. Focus on business areas that deliver most value.

Independent Strategic Consulting

Enabling organisations of all sizes to transform their
business through better use of technology